Bot Factory

Team Leader: Nicolas Vansnick

We are going to design a 3D circuit printer. We want the prototype to be able to print electrical traces on several type of material, including bendable sheets of plastic. The prototype will also pick and place electrical components on the circuit.

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8 thoughts on “Bot Factory

  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make your electronic projects come true without worrying about burning you fingers, or waiting for weeks? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to prototype and show your investors you’re not bluffing about what you can do without breaking the bank? It would be amazing!!!
    Vote for us, there are millions of electronic geniuses waiting for this to happen

  2. Sounds interesting, but the premise of 3D printing today is extrusion of a material, hot enough to be able to manipulate, but not so hot that it might lose structural strength entirely.
    To be able to print circuits, you would either use an inkjet type squirt and then treat the printed lines with heat to make it conductive. (Not possible if you print on plastic, might melt it)
    Another method would be to pad print/ screen print. The same principle applies for the post treatment?

    One method I can think of is using thin metal sheets and applying it like a whitener!

    I am keen on the outcome. Do let me know how it turns out at (!

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