PowerPitch Teams Advance, Popular Vote to Pick Remaining Teams


After three grueling hours of pitching their ideas to a panel of judges at this week’s PowerPitch Event, eleven teams have been chosen to move on in the 2013 Inno/Vention Competition.

Hardware Category
Chelation Filter, Metal Free Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Ringing Finger, SurgeryReady Communications, Amputee Mouse, Smart Band, and OptiCrete Logos

Software Category

SocialEffort, GardenXplore, Trait, and RecoveryVIEW

Teams who were not picked to move on last night can still secure a chance to move on to prototyping if they win the People’s Choice Award in the voting.

People’s Choice Candidates

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Team Leader: Jonathan Prystupa

Our project is to create an employee hiring and managing system which can be used by employers to easily rank interviewees based on intelligence and their ability to be a priceless asset to the company. A person’s intelligence and ability to solve a problem, or give insight using all aspects of his knowledge, is the only factor which determines whether or not a person will help a company grow.

990 Votes

Heat Nomad


Team Leader: Fatima Sarah Khalid

The idea is to create a thermos that, through shaking, can heat the liquid inside. We have designed three different prototypes that rely on various technologies. The first is the original shake thermos idea. The second is a modular thermos, like a cross between a kettle and a thermos. And the third is a thermos with the chemical capacity to react to reheat itself.

486 Votes

Turn on the Life of 1,300,000,000 People from Darkness to Light


Team Leader: Chitralekha Ghosh

To provide the light to the people who have been living in darkness for their whole life. My team will design and build the prototype of a bicycle driven system which will charge the lights. Reliability, low-to-no maintenance, low cost and portability are the key concepts for our project.

2002 Votes

Bot Factory


Team Leader: Nicolas Vansnick

We are going to design a 3D circuit printer. We want the prototype to be able to print electrical traces on several type of material, including bendable sheets of plastic. The prototype will also pick and place electrical components on the circuit.

526 Votes

Wind Powered Electric Vehicle (WPEV)


Team Leader: Rachit Vijay

Micro Wind Turbines could generate enough power to either charge the battery of the electric vehicle or could provide power to all the auxiliary systems installed in the vehicle without stealing the beauty of the architecture of the car. We will be designing the Micro Wind Turbine which will generate power at high efficiency to drive/power up an Electric Vehicle.

627 Votes



Team Leader: Josh Soussan

A radio frequency circuit will be installed on the firing pin in order to disable the weapon. Therefore, when the trigger is pulled no bullet will be discharged because the firing pin will not engage. This will happen when a certain encrypted frequency, emitted by transmitters, is picked by a receptor  in the gun’s internal components. This renders the weapon useless as an instrument of violence.

566 Votes



Team Leader: Jason Green

We are designing and developing a modular, scalable aquaponics system which will maximize yields of fruit and vegetables in limited space. Operation of the system will be largely automated, including grow lights, water and air pumps, and monitoring of pH and water levels.

1230 Votes

Safe Dispense


Team Leader: Yangzi Isabel Tian

Safe Dispense is a pill dispenser that surveys non-medical use of prescription drugs through is temper-proof exterior and data tracking system. It provides a drug supply and management solutions that will effectively reduce the occurrences of prescription drugs-related abuse and overdose.

344 Votes


Team Leader: Richard Day

A logic system using quantum dots. The logic system is integrated into an electrical lock and key system providing higher level security not phased by conventional picking/hacking methods.

198 Votes


Team Leader: Llubomir Stanojlovic

Software to help small businesses (deli’s, laundromats, restaurants) keep track of inventory, prices, and sales. Working in conjunction with wholesale distributors, such as Jettro or Restaurant Depot, allow for automatic ordering based on inventory requirements.

This team has not met the eligibility requirements to advance to the prototyping phase of the competition.